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SUPERTEC PERFORMANCE is now offering a complete MFI service. We rebuild throttle housings, up-date "T" housings to "S" and beyond . With the help of Aaron Burnham we can now bore throttle stacks to suit almost any application. We can even bore the plastic stacks. Below you see three different throttle housings for three different applications. 38-36 stock “S”. 40-38 good for 2.7 and 41.5-40 for engines 3.0 and larger. There are also three different stacks.
Plastic 40-46mm , mag 40-46mm and the monster 41.5-52mm.
We will have stock and oversized stacks on the shelf for exchange or out-right purchase.
Call and we’ll chart the best path for your next MFI project.
Note that the CIS 2.4TK heads don’t flow more then 150 CFM at .4 inches of lift. In general a camshaft that provides more then .4 inches of lift will not perform much better then a camshaft with .4 inches of lift in a TK head. The 2.2 S head on the other hand (also used in the 2.7RS) keeps flowing more air all the way up to .5 inches. If you were to use an E cam which only lifts to about .4 inches with an S head, you won’t even be using the last 25 CFM of flow that the cam and heads can provide. A chart of your heads’ flows such as this is very useful for comparing the valve lifts defined by the camshaft. Ideally you want a situation where the cam has opened far enough to allow maximum flow when the pistons are undergoing their maximum acceleration. Depending on the rod-stroke ratio, this generally occurs around 75-80 degrees of crank shaft angle. Now compare the head flows with the valve lift graph for the 911 S camshaft below.
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